Conquering the dirty villains of motherhood
{ by Becky Kopitzke }
"This book is essential for every mom who has ever doubted herself. Moms, run, don't walk to snag this handbook for fighting for your sanity!
- Lisa-Jo Baker, author of Surprised by Motherhood and community manager for (in)courage

Available December 1, 2015
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About the book:

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The SuperMom Myth isn’t a book about raising kids.
It’s about raising moms.

Chapter by chapter, Becky invites her fellow imperfect moms to face the “dirty villains of motherhood” we turn into when we’re:

- Cranky (The Grouch on the Couch)
- Discontent (Fence Hopper)
- Too Busy (Calendar Queen)
- Exhausted (Zombie Mommy)
And more!

“Funny and insightful, she is a warm companion on the journey from idealism to reality.”
— Publishers Weekly

With Becky’s down-to-earth humor, encouragement, and carefully applied biblical insight, The SuperMom Myth shows moms how to break free from these dirty villains and rest in the grace and power of our one true Superhero God.

Meet the author:

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Kind words:

The SuperMom Myth brings a much-needed message of hope, encouragement, and reality that every mom needs to hear. The perfect read for any mom in the trenches worried that she’s not quite getting it right.

-Ruth Soukup, New York Times bestselling author of Living Well, Spending Less: 12 Secrets of the Good Life
I know in theory we all know there is no perfect mother. In reality, however, we seem to hold ourselves to a standard of motherhood that’s insane. I mean flat out, crazy-making, cuckoo land kind of nuts. And if that weren’t bad enough, we trick ourselves into believing we’re the only ones who fail at all. the. things. And then we beat ourselves up. And tell ourselves mean things at the end of long days. Becky Kopitzke calls those voices the "Dirty Villains of Motherhood." And her book teaches how to beat them at their own game. Which makes it essential for every mom who has ever doubted herself. Moms, run, don’t walk to snag this handbook for fighting for your sanity!

—Lisa-Jo Baker, author of Surprised by Motherhood and community manager for (in)courage
As moms we all have the tendencies that seem to rule our “mothering existence” such as worry, exhaustion and more. But do we HAVE to live like that? Becky hits the nail on the head in identifying these common “dirty villains” that rule our lives and teaches us how to overcome them. The SuperMom Myth is a practical, fun and refreshing read for every mom!

—Ruth Schwenk, founder of and co-author of Hoodwinked: Ten Myths Moms Believe and Why We All Need to Knock It Off
The SuperMom Myth is the scary truth for all us moms. Much like Becky, I got sucked into thinking that busyness, worry, self-neglect and exhaustion (to name a few) were all on the road to being a supermom. She does a profound job unpacking these eight dirty villains and then providing biblical solutions. Our homes were designed for so much more.

—Courtney DeFeo, author of In This House, We Will Giggle and creator of Lil Light O’ Mine
Reading The SuperMom Myth was like sharing a comforting cup of coffee with a friend who knows the worst in me but somehow calls out my best. Becky’s beautiful book makes me want to love more, laugh more, and fully embrace every part of this messy and marvelous gift called motherhood. With wit, wisdom, and tell-all honesty, Becky reminds us that supermoms don’t wear capes; they simply cling to Jesus.

—Alicia Bruxvoort, member of the Proverbs 31 writing team
As a mother of three, I am sick of all the messes, whining and complaining (mine, not my kids’). I try not to worry about all the ways that I have failed in this holy role God granted me. But in The SuperMom Myth, Becky Kopitzke pairs her stories with God’s words and wisdom to soothe, convict, and repair my tired, tattered soul. She somehow climbed into my head and heard my excuses, justification, insecurity, and guilt—and helped me leave them behind. She is real and relatable, and did I mention funny? Her gentle answers reveal biblical truths and fresh insights that every mom needs to hear. She points us all to the only Superhero who is infallible, reminding us that, by ourselves, cape or not, we can’t save the day. I'll gladly serve as faithful sidekick to the One who can.

—Kelly O’Dell Stanley, author of Praying Upside Down: A Creative Prayer Experience to Transform Your Time with God
I have read many parenting books, but I can’t remember a time where I found myself both laughing and learning all at once! Becky’s humor shines through even when she is communicating hard truths about our parenting insecurities. The SuperMom Myth is refreshing and inspiring. Becky poses thoughtful questions at the end of each chapter, which are perfect for small group discussions. I have actually been out of the “hands on” season of parenting for a while, but Becky writes about biblical truths that are timeless, leaving us life lessons discovered in parenting that can be invaluable through the coming years.

—Judy Episcopo, international speaker and women’s ministry director, Appleton Alliance Church
With disarming humor, transparency and raw honesty, Becky Kopitzke makes it safe for moms to take off their capes and rest in God’s provision and blessing in their sincere, passionate and imperfect mothering. You'll turn the last page feeling refreshed, encouraged and equipped to face the first day of the rest of your motherhood journey—with the superpower of Jesus behind you!

—Melinda Means, speaker and co-author of Mothering from Scratch
The SuperMom Myth shatters the urban legend of the mom who has it all together. The truth is revealed in a loving fashion, leaving all of us relieved and grateful to Becky Kopitzke. She pulls God's grace and mercy into the mess of motherhood. Only then can we truly understand the value of the children He gave us and appreciate our role in leading them to Him.

—Kathy Helgemo, speaker and co-author of Mothering from Scratch
In The SuperMom Myth, Becky Kopitzke helps moms discover their true super powers. The SuperMom Myth enables moms to identify and vanquish the eight villains that constantly war against the mom they long to be and gives them the tools to embrace the joy of the messy, chaotic, crazy-busy, beautiful and holy mom journey that God has called them to. With discussion questions for each chapter, The SuperMom Myth is definitely a MUST READ and is a great resource for moms and small groups alike.

—Stephanie Shott, author of The Making of a Mom and founder of The MOM Initiative
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